Hawthorn Consulting Rooms & The Malvern Rooms

The Rooms

There are 16 rooms across both locations for casual or permanent bookings.  Hawthorn Consulting Rooms has 4 large rooms across 2 floors.  The Malvern Rooms has 12 consulting rooms.

Casual Bookings

Practitioners can book on a casual basis  which works well for practitioners  just starting a private practice or those who want greater flexibility as you only pay for times you use.  Booking are made via an easy online booking system or phone app.

Permanent Sessions

Permanent booking times of 4 hours or more are available at Hawthorn and 2 rooms at Malvern for those who prefer to work set times in the same room.  It is possible to have a mix of permanent times and then casual sessions as needed.

All Enquiries Welcome

 Please email or call with any enquiries about the rooms and/or to make a time to come and inspect the building and have an orientation to our operational procedures, the  online booking  and phone app.

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Hawthorn Consulting Rooms and The Malvern Rooms

142 Auburn Road, Hawthorn Victoria 3122 and 1227 Malvern Road, Malvern 3144

Jan Seeley 0417 596 869